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Be more effective
and less busy

Aerotime helps you work in flow state by streamlining your meetings and making it easier to prioritize tasks.

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Keep your calendar decluttered

Minimize scattered meetings

Aerotime can move meetings on your behalf and stack them to each other, removing calendar fragmentation.

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Create healthy new meetings

Timeslot recommendations to keep you and your team in the flow.

Agenda recommendations to keep your meetings productive.

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Handle incoming meetings better

Propose better timeslots for meetings that make all attendees more productive.

Send quick replies that help in declining meetings with ease.

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Extra time generated within your working hours.


More woke done per week due to better prioritization

Be in the zone.
Stay focused
with ease.

Snooze distraction

Configure Slack to snooze notifications when you're in focus

Your team will know what you're busy with (based on your privacy settings).

Proactive focus blocks

Block preferred timeslots in advance to keep your calendar available for deep work.

Focus Music

Fresh playlists every week for different tasks.

Lyric-free music for deep work and the latest coffee shop music for everything else.

Manage your time effectively, easily.

Declutter, prioritize, zone-in. Repeat.

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Isha Patel

Co-founder, Kale

Busyness gives you myopia. If you’re not careful, you can keep prioritizing reactive work and meetings. Aerotime consistently reminds me to work on big problems by moving meetings around and creating chunks of focus time.

Yamini Sharma

Product Marketing Lead at Jupiter

Pulkit Narwani

Software Engineer, Coinbase

Aerotime has improved my productivity by allowing me longer time to focus on one task at a time. I don’t have to worry about checking when my next call is and if I’ll be late because I know it isn’t tor a few hours so I can peacefully focus.

Ali Abramovitz

Co-Founder of Chorus Meditation

In a horizontal role, getting bigger chunks of continuous focus times is a luxury. Aerotime does exactly that by scheduling or moving meetings in a way that cuts down context switching and small unusable blocks between meetings.

Gopal Venkatesan

Sr Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

As a founder the most important thing for me is to be in control of my own time and minimize context switching. Aerotime has helped me achieve this and also helped carve out time for me to purely focus on myself. Love the product!

Abhishek Kankani

CEO at Dyte

Connect with your favorite tools

Status updates and task integrations with tools you love and use


Auto-snooze Slack and update status based on your calendar. Create tasks right within Slack.


Convert any email into a task and schedule to reply on time.

Asana Coming soon

Convert Asana tickets to Aerotime tasks. Schedule them with ease.

JiraComing soon

Convert issues into tasks in Aerotime. Schedule them with ease and keep the team in alignment.

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Declutter, prioritize, zone-in.

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